Next Level Entertainment AWP Dallas

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Next Level Entertainment was honored to be asked to provide Sound and Lighting at the July 2016 luncheon for AWP Monthly Luncheon and networking event.  The venue owner contacted Leonardo - The Best Dallas DJ and asked could he be a part of this project. Leonardo answered Yes!! Leonardo - The Best Dallas Dj [...]

Master of Your Craft – The Best Dallas DJ

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Master of Your Craft - Next Level Entertainment met John and Angela in Rowlett, Tx Summer of 2015. They were excited about their engagement! They wanted to have the best time of their lives at their wedding reception. The Best Dallas DJ met with them, and found out John was a banker. That meant [...]

The Best Dallas DJ Mediterranean villa

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Best Dallas Dallas DJ was selected for Raymond and LaTosha's Mediterranean Villa Wedding Day.  Leonardo met with Raymond and LaTosha months in advance to start planning their wedding day at  the Mediterranean Villa.  The details of the day were given from specialized music selections, custom colors, custom dj booth setup, custom in-motion monograms, and much [...]

Heart filled Dj Hollow Hills Event

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Next Level Entertainment Room Architecture Hollow Hills Event Center Ceremony Hollow Hills Event Center A DJ with a Heart Heart filled dj Hollow Hills Event - Shortly before Joey and Lisa were happily married, their dj cancelled on them. This can be one of the worst things that can happen before [...]

Best Dj Shady Valley Country Club

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Scott and Kelsey's wedding reception was fabulous at the Shady Valley Country Club in Arlington, Tx. Next Level Entertainment - Leonardo rocked the house! The main room at the Shady Valley Country club was dimmed to perfection as Next Level added the perfect color combinations to the natural light. Best Dallas Wedding Dj Next [...]

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